Empowered Women Blog Series: Tallie Thompson

Here at The Storm, we believe that empowered women make the world go ‘round and we want to highlight that by sharing unique stories, inspirations and what being an empowered woman means to everyday incredible women who we admire.

This year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Tallie Thompson, a senior at the University of Arizona. Tallie’s passion is PR and she’s pursuing a career in the field. Fashion is definitely her forte - so collaborating with her on design and creative has been a total blast for us.

While Tallie inspires us daily with her positive outlook on life and impeccable ability to accessorize like no other ;) ...it’s her work that she’s done with non-profits, that’s really inspired us and speaks to our own innate desire to pay it forward and give back.

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

Tallie shared with us recently what being an empowered woman means to her -- including more on her experience volunteering and teaching in Thailand and working with No Girl Left Behind. Check out our interview below!


Tell us more about what being an empowered woman means to you in 2018?

TT: Being an empowered women means to take control of your life and create your own destiny by knowing what you're capable of. An empowered woman is strong and confident. Being an empowered woman to me not only means believing in yourself, but also believing in others around you. Empowered women aren’t afraid to speak their mind and stand up for others. Empowered women truly empower other women.

We believe that we rise by lifting others, and that’s why giving back is such an important element. Tell us how you give back & actively support others in your daily life? 

TT: I believe that giving back and helping others truly is the most rewarding thing you can do in life. I recently went on a trip to Thailand and during my time there I volunteered at an elephant sanctuary and taught kids English at a local school. I have never done anything that made me feel more fulfilled. I plan on doing more volunteer trips once I graduate next year.

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

I am also currently working for No Girl Left Behind, a global social venture company who focuses on empowering young girls around the world by doing local and national tours. We travel to different high schools and put on an event for all the girls there where we tackle the issues young girls face every day -- from self-esteem to girl on girl bullying. Our mission at NGLB is to empower one million girls by 2020. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with The Storm and NGLB -  two companies focused on bettering the world around them. I hope that in the future I can continue to do so.

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

What other women (either famous or in your life) have inspired you most and why?

TT: My mother and my grandmother. Both of these incredible women raised me and inspire me to be a better person every day through their endless love, support and kindness.

What’s your spirit animal and why?!

TT: I feel like my looks and goofy personality resemble a giraffe, for sure!

We think jewelry is something you should love, adorn and wear each and every day. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you currently own (and why)?

TT: Gold hoop statement earrings. I wear earrings every day, no matter what I’m doing. I typically wear a pair of gold hoops paired with gold huggies. I love wearing these because of their ability to be dressed up or dressed down. Having a hair in a messy bun and extra large t-shirt day? Throw a pair of hoops on and suddenly it becomes super chic and stylish!

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

Favorite piece of jewelry by The Storm?

TT: Arrow Diamond Huggies!!

What’s next for Tallie Thompson?

TT: Focusing on finishing school, pursuing a career in PR and bettering myself every day.

If you have a fave quote -- please share!

“The wisest thing you can do is be the fullest, happiest version of you. And that means some consistent, unabashed self-lovin’. It will also inspire others to treat themselves better too.” - Susie Moore


Tallie Thompson is from Austin, Texas and moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of May. She is currently a senior at the University of Arizona studying Public Relations and her dream is to move to Europe, start her own fashion media company and live on a farm!

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

Empowered Women Blog Series Tallie Thompson

Tallie, we think You are The Storm! ;)  xoxo

Follow Tallie on Instagram: @teebirddie | Tallie is wearing the Venus Ruby & Diamond Pendant Necklace & the Icicle Baguette Diamond Necklace