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Here at The Storm, we believe that empowered women empower women and we want to do our part by highlighting stories of uniquely fierce women who have inspired us AND many others through their work. As you know, we're big fans of championing other female entrepreneurs and when our friend Lindsay Williams had the idea to start such a uniquely cool business -- we felt it 100% necessary to share her story with you!

Lindsay actually really digs your story too, and wants to empower you to share it... She's spent over a decade successfully navigating a career in the music industry where she's been consistently building and sharing brand stories to generate buzz for the artists and music community from which she's worked within. A pioneer in her field, Lindsay learned early on just how important storytelling can be to a brand/artists' success in the digital space. She herself actually led the direction in the transformation of the Recording Academy's social channels, making the GRAMMY Awards telecast one of the top television social events ever.

However, it was always her passion to mentor others and it was that inherent entrepreneurial drive that led her to launch Be Digable, a personal brand strategy firm dedicated to inspiring female executives to discover and be confident with their voice in order to authentically share their personal narrative.

We certainly like to say - "we rise by lifting others" and Lindsay is definitely committed to motivating professionals to step into their own greatness and position themselves as their own best storytellers & thought leaders in their field.

We sat down with Lindsay recently to learn more about what motivated her to start Be Digable and who has inspired her along the way...

Lindsay Williams


Tell us more about what inspired you to start Be Digable?

LW: I have worked in the music business for the past 10 years, but I have had an itch to start my own business for years. I always had ideas of various businesses, so I decided to start a journal to keep track of all my ideas. Over time I noticed a consistent theme pop up and that was to help women in business. Therefore, I took my experience and skills in digital marketing and developed the idea of helping female executives build their personal brands to increase their profile and position them as thought leaders.

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We believe that we rise by lifting others and we know you share that very same attribute with the work you’re doing at Be Digable! Tell us a little bit more about how you actively empower women through your services?

LW: With my services, my ultimate goal is that these female executives and professionals are seen as the thought leaders and industry innovators that they are--not just within their circles, but across industries and professions. We need more representation of women in the C-Suite. Did you know only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female? I hope that in my own small way, I can help bring visibility to female leaders and elevate their online presence to reach more people.


Is there any advice you’d give to young women professionals who might just be starting out in their career and are looking to define their voice, develop their brand, and fight for their gender equality in the workplace?

LW: Don’t change your goals or morals for someone else. Stay true to your convictions and learn as much as you can. When you encounter something within the workplace that you don’t believe in, no matter what position you are in, you have the power to make change. Be that change. And always be a sponge. Throughout your career, you will never stop learning. Always operate from that standpoint and you will go very far.

What other women (either famous or in your life) have inspired you most and why?

LW: I would say my mom and Oprah, haha! I would come home everyday from school and my mom and I would watch Oprah. It is incredible how she talked about subjects and topics that were taboo, but allowed people to share their stories. She created a space for all of us to learn from each other. And my mom taught me the power of empathy. My mom is so incredibly caring and watching her growing up allowed me to not be afraid of my emotions (since I am very emotional, I watch a commercial and I start crying). As I have gotten older, I have realized being empathetic has allowed me to learn and listen to others more closely.  

We are huge fans of paying it forward! Outside of Be Digable, how do you like to give back to others in your daily life?

LW: This is still under the Be Digable umbrella, but I recently launched an initiative to offer free services to women running for office. After the Kavanaugh hearing, I was filled with anger, sadness, and confusion. I decided to channel my emotions into action. I am hoping I can give back and help women who need their voices heard.

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We obviously think jewelry is an awesome way to express yourself and an opportunity to make a statement about what you believe in. How would you define self-expression and how do you go about showcasing yours?

LW: Self-expression is the avenue in which you communicate your story on a daily basis--whether it be through the words you say, the clothes or accessories you wear, or even the music you listen to everyday. For me, and I feel for most, self-expression evolves over time because we aren’t always confident to own all aspects of who we are in the world. However, I love being in my 30s, because that is when you really start to own every piece of who we are. I own mine by celebrating my interests, my traditions, my beliefs, etc as authentic as I can through what I wear, what I do, and what I say everyday.

Since your background is in you have an all-time fave (and empowering) lyric? If so, please share!

LW: Growing up on No Doubt (my older sister was an OG fan), I would have to say “Just A Girl.” No lyric in particular, as the whole song embodied female empowerment and just pure bad assness.


Obviously, we are so incredibly moved by Lindsay's answers and think she is a total badass! You can learn more about Be Digable @ & follow on Instagram: @Bedigable.

Thanks Lindsay, we think You are The Storm! xoxo