Cigar Bands & Signet Rings: Modern Heirlooms

Here at The Storm, we love a good modern twist on a throw back. That's why we think cigar bands are so special: they’re among the very first rings designed (alongside the signet) and they represent the idea of creating a piece of jewelry that truly represents the person who wears it. Customizable and unique, cigar bands and their sister design, the signet ring, continue to pay it forward for years to come when handed down to future generations. They're the ultimate symbol of self love and/or love for another - and they embody that meaning forever as a heirloom. 

We've created the Modern Love Ring Collection to help keep the "pass down" tradition going. Signets and cigar bands to personalize with your initials, your loved-one's or a simple saying that personifies you. Cherish and wear it with you always. 

 Great for stacking, the Modern Love Signet Ring helps you shine bright and showcase self-love or your love for another! Made in 14k gold modern with or without diamonds, you can personalize just for you. 

Modern Signet Love Signet Ring: From $295



 Shine bright with the 14k gold Modern Love Cigar Band ring - available with or without diamonds. Great for everyday stacking, as a wedding band or a tribute to someone you love! 

Modern Love Cigar Band: From $650 & the Custom Cigar Band (featured with 'I am The Storm')